5 Digital Marketing Strategies To Boost Sales This Christmas

At Christmas, purchases soar and all businesses strive to attract customers. Using digital marketing properly is the perfect claim to get more sales …

Christmas is a time for union and peace, but above all for gifts. At this time sales soar thanks to users who go to stores and those who prefer to make their purchases online.

A study by the consulting firm Deloitte revealed that Spaniards spend at least 601 euros or more on Christmas purchases that begin in November (33.1%), and even months before (5.1%). This represents a 2.7% increase compared to 2017.

Likewise, a study of the credit and debit card brand Mastercard specified that eight out of ten Spaniards; in other words, 83% will buy this Christmas through their mobile phones .

These figures show that it is necessary to carry out Christmas marketing campaigns that allow businesses to take advantage of the pull and boost sales.

According to experts in the field, these are the best marketing strategies to apply in your business during Christmas:

Email Marketing And Newsletters

The Christmas season is perfect to boost your email marketing campaign , with which you can send personalized messages to your customers and promote your products or services, as well as publicize discounts and special promotions.

As we know, the star of emailing is the newsletter . These newsletters are a very useful tool to share articles of interest, recommendations with family activities, curious facts and offers, among others.

They are also very easy to create and help increase loyalty. On the web Mdirector.com they show several examples of newsletter for Christmas and tips so that you can generate successful content.

Landing Pages

On the other hand, there are landing pages or ” landing pages “, excellent for optimizing your email marketing campaign and attracting new customers .

Christmas can be an attraction for users, but it must be consistent with the rest of your digital strategy and with your own design that, of course, attracts attention and adds value to the website.

People usually already know what they are going to buy, but you can enchant them with a beautiful landing page that offers incredible gifts or links to product catalogs, for example. It is about identifying the customer and adapting the content to the moment.

Discounts, Promotions And Gifts

December is a spending month, so it is convenient to use that statistic to offer discounts and promotions that attract as many customers as possible . In fact, consumers are often very receptive to special offers on these dates.

How to do it without causing extra expenses or losses to the business? Simple. You can offer free shipping, the famous 2 × 1 or eliminate VAT. It is also good to establish alliances with other companies.

On the subject of gifts you must bring out your creativity. Again, it does not have to represent an expense, but must be original, such as ebooks or electronic books, personalized post or a couple of gift cards.

Facebook Ads And Google AdWords

Taking into account that an average person receives thousands of advertising hits a day on the Internet, advertising campaigns on websites and social networks enhance the brand in an effective and fast way .

Both Facebook Ads and Google AdWords are good options for sharing unique and eye-catching content.

Social Networks

Social networks are infallible to complement your digital marketing strategy, especially because they allow direct interaction.

Share several posts with special content, images and videos alluding to the season.